LOCATION: 6835 Hwy 62 North, Beleville, ON, K8N4Z5.  One mile North of Wal-Mart on the left, in the Sommerville Centre.

HOURS OF OPERATION:  The shop is now open from 10AM to 6PM, Tuesday to Saturday.

IN-STORE SHOPPING:  Phase 1 COVID-19 Procedures are in place.  We are allowing up to two customers in store at a time to provide for adequate social distancing for customers and staff.  This is at the staff’s discretion and the store will operate in “curbside pickup only” mode, if deemed necessary.  Please ask a staff member for assistance and avoid handling products you aren’t sure you’d like to purchase.

ORDERING: Place your order using the Contact Form below💻, via email, or VIA phone at 613-743-3600 ☎️.   This is a land-line and does not accept text messages.  Please note, if orders are not placed in advance we can take an order at the door but clients who may arrive after you and have placed orders in advance may be served first.

PAYMENT: You can pay at the shop with our newly upgraded mobile pin pad 🤩 or by calling in with your credit card💳 or VISA Debit. Alternatively, we accept E-Mail Money Transfer💸.  Cash will be accepted as a last resort as we would prefer to conduct contactless transactions wherever possible. 💰

PICKING UP YOUR ORDER: We will greet customers that pull up in front of the store, however, we are very busy inside taking and packing orders so please be patient with us.  Your order will be placed outside the front door of Furball’s Choice for you to load into your vehicle, or we may load it if you prefer🚗.  Simply pop your trunk!  This is contactless “Curbside Pickup” as requested by the Ontario Government.
🖐️Do not move the barrier at the front door if it is up.  It is at the staff’s discretion to allow a limited number of customer into the store so please ask if you need to come in to see something.🖐️

DELIVERY: Want to avoid all the craziness?🥴 Stay home! We will deliver right to your doorstep. Local deliveries will be done every Wednesday. 🚛💨
*At this time we are unable to increase the number of delivery days per week.*
Ordering & Payment for deliveries works the same, call or email, but you don’t have to pause your Netflix, change out of your PJ’s or even leave your house! 👌 ❤️

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Thank you all for your patience and support!