A Kitten In The Animal World Is What A Rosebud Is In A Garden.

Tranquil. Calm. Peaceful. Harmony Cat boarding in our spacious & private cat space is the perfect vacation spot for your young kitten(s) or adult cat(s).

All rooms are complete with a water fountain for continuous fresh drinking water, many cat trees, beds and perches with plenty of spots to sleep in the sun rays, many toys and interactive games and much more.  Our facility is well maintained and sanitized daily. Our staff is Pet First Aid and CPR certified as well as a registered member of Pet Sitters International. Furball’s Choice staff are licensed, insured and bonded.

Traditional boarding facilities keep your cat caged for the majority of the day with only a few periods of playtime or exercise if possible. At night the staff leave and the animals are left unattended.  At Furball’s Choice your kitties are living in a home just like their own. We have multiple large communal rooms (no cages) set up just for your furry loved ones, rooms are monitored and staff are onsite 24/7 for your peace of mind.

All of our furry guests are required to be up to date on vaccinations (photocopy required) FVRCP (for cats), rabies, Feline Leukemia (Outdoor Cats), as well as some form of flea and tick prevention.

We require all NEW Pet Parents to take part in a Meet & Greet before their cats first stay with us. This allows the  client to visit our facility, and for the staff of Furball’s Choice to gather all necessary information on your furbaby. *Cats Are Not Required To Be Present For The Initial Meeting. Please contact us to make an appointment for this initial visit. We keep registration low in order to provide more personal attention and love to your cats while they are with us. Although we will always do our best to accommodate everyone’s needs, we recommend booking your Meet & Greet in advance at least 7 days. Advanced notice will help to ensure your cat’s reservation in the event that we are at capacity.
Here at Furball’s Choice your pets become part of our family!

  •   All cats will enjoy their days playing with our many toys or doing absolutely nothing if they please. The choice is theirs! All cats should come with their regular food, treats, medications (if required).
  • Bowls, beds, blankets and litter are provided by Furball’s Choice.

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10% discount for all seniors and military personnel 

Ask about our reduced rates for long term boarding and care services.

*Prices are subject to HST.*

1 Cat Day Rate
2 Cats Day Rate
3rd Cat Is FREE
First Week
Days 1 to 7

$15.00 per day
$20.00 per day
Second Week
Days 8 to 14
$14.50 per day
$19.00 per day
Third Week
Days 15 to 21
$13.50 per day
$18.00 per day
Fourth Week
Days 22 to 28
$12.50 per day
$17.00 per day

* Custom vacation packages are also available, Contact Us for details.*