A tired dog, is a happy dog, is a good dog.

The best exercise channels the activity of both mind and body. Exercise that is balanced by teaching the dog how to be calm and physically composed through regular activity.

Our  professional Dog Walking Services provide your pup(s) with premium care by qualified and trained professionals. Our dog walking services are multi-award winning and the top rated in the Belleville area! The relationships we form with our clients and their dogs are at the heart of what makes Furball’s Choice successful. We understand that caring for the family dog is a privilege that comes with great responsibility, we take this very seriously and continually strive to offer an experience that promotes their well being, safety and your peace of mind.

Your dog is part of your family, so while in our care, they’re a part of ours. We have incorporated safety measures into every aspect of our services, whether out on a walk or in overnight care, so that while your pup is having fun, you can have peace of mind. Furball’s Choice and it’s staff are licensed, insured and bonded for your peace of mind. We are Pet First Aid and CPR certified as well as a registered member of Pet Sitters International.

 We require a mandatory, FREE, Meet & Greet with all new pets and their people before our first visit at your home. This allows our trained and qualified staff to gather the appropriate information in order to provide the best possible service to your pets and home while you are away. Please contact us to make an appointment for this initial meeting to be scheduled at your convenience.

Benefits of our professional Dog Walking services:

  • Exercise helps relieve elimination problems, excessive barking, destructiveness, separation anxiety, and other common behaviour problems.
  • Having a dog walker will provide your dog with a consistent routine. Regular exercise helps ensure good physical and mental health.
  • Exercise helps your dog expend extra energy.
  • If desired, your dog can interact with other dogs on group dog walks and enjoy off-leash exercise and play sessions (at safe and approved fenced-in yards and parks.
  • Exercise helps maintain and improve muscle tone, joints, and the cardiovascular system.
  • Re-enforce good manners, proper leash walking, and training.
  • No more messes! Puppies need to go outside every 3 – 4 hours throughout the day for proper housebreaking and socialization.
  • A wealth of knowledge and expertise at your fingertips. A professional dog walker not only provides dog walks and care, but also provides knowledge and experience.
  • *BONUS* Walk Journals are left after every walk to let you know how your dog did. These journals include a written update, pictures and information on your dogs walk/visit!

Rate Per Walk
30 Minute Walk
45 Minute Dog Walk
60 Minute Dog Walk

Each dog is different and has different needs. That is why we have a number of walk options to ensure that your pup is getting the walk that is right for them. Private, group, trail hikes, varied locations across the Quinte Region to the length of time; we have something that fits your  dog(s), and your schedule.

Furball’s Choice is the leader in bringing new and innovative service to Pet Parents in Quinte. Providing you with more options our Adventure Walks are a service offered solely by Furball’s Choice in the area, the first and only one of its kind between Toronto and Ottawa!

Group Adventure Walks are an open air & natural approach to the modern Dog Daycare. Our Group Adventure Walks are a few hours in length that run mid day, Monday to Friday. Ideal for dogs who like activity, high socialization needs or would prefer to be outdoors most of the day. We combine the most natural form of fun and exercise for your pup with the most convenience for you!

How It Works:

Our Dog Walkers will pick up your pooch, and take them along with a small playgroup to different locations in the beautiful Bay Of Quinte. Daily travel sites will include; fields, trails, woodlands, parks, beaches and other patches of nature where dogs can safely explore.  At Furball’s Choice we believe dogs are happiest when they live and play as naturally as they were intended to.

Our frequently traveled locations include (Not Limited To):

  • Quinte Conservation
  • Potters Creek
  • Frink Center
  • Vanderwater Conservation
  • Sindey Conservation
  • Sagers Conservation
  • Massassauga Point
  • Bleasdell Boulder
  • Friends Of The Trail
  • Lower Trent Trail
  • Batawa Ski Hill
  • Goodrich-Loomis
  • Kings Mill
  • Eastern Ontario Trails
  • Menzel Nature Reserve

Your dogs will quickly learn that we like to reward good behaviors on the trail including polite greetings on the trail, impulse control in distracting situations  and name recognition. You’ll notice these manners carry through at home with you as well.

After the outing we drop your dog off at your home happy and tired and ready for a nap, never wasting any of his/her day by crating or being cooped up in the house.

Benefits of our professional Adventure Walk service:

  • Your dog will be with a group of friendly and playful regular walkers. Most of our dogs are enrolled in walks at least three times per week, so you dog will be among familiar faces.
  • This service ensures your energetic pup comes home tired and satisfied after a long day of running around trails or in local off leash parks.
  • Reinforce basic obedience and learn new skills.
  • Your pup may go swimming, depending on the day’s planned activities and location.
  • Our Adventure Walk program is a great solution for bored, high-energy dogs and busy owners who are away for long periods of time during the day.
  • 100% Cage Free!
Group Adventure Walks
One Dog - Per Day
Each Additional Dog (Same Household) - Per Day
Booking 1-3 Days Per Month
$15.00/hr For one dog
$22.50 Each additional dog
Booking 4 Days or More Per Month
$13.30/hr For one dog
$20.00 Each additional dog
Booking 3 Days or More In The Same Week
$11.66/hr For one dog
$17.50 Each additional dog

Each dog is different and has different needs. That is why we have numerous walk options to ensure that your pup is getting the walk that is right for them. From private to group, varied locations across the Quinte Region to length of time; we have something that fits your beloved dog, and your schedule.

Please Note: Group Adventure Walks & Solo Adventure Walks are NOT off leash.

10% discount for all Seniors, Military & Emergency Service personnel.

*All Services Are Subject To HST.*

We do not charge extra for key pick-up or drop-off in our regular service area.

* Services outside of our regular service area may be subject to additional charges.*