“To you he may be ‘just a dog’ but, to us, he’s family”

For many, pets play a special role in our lives. For most of us we consider them our family, furbabies, if you will. So it only makes sense that they would be involved in one the most important days in your life and relationship with your spouse.

However, it can be stressful to plan and execute your dog’s involvement.  Having a dedicated & experienced handler for your dog, one who is not also part of the wedding ceremony, is one way to make sure your pet can be involved in the big day, while also reducing any unnecessary stress for the bride, groom and the rest of the wedding party and guests.

To personalize your event, we include a complimentary consultation where we get to know you, your dog, and your story. We will also take time to discuss the best way to feature your dog at your event. We will work with you, your photographer and wedding planner to ensure we capture the perfect wedding moments with the entire family!

Wedding Service Package Includes:

  • Pre-Wedding Consultation
  • Liasing with the wedding planner prior to the celebrations.
  • Facilitate your dog’s involvement in the ceremony (i.e. handling during photos, walking up the aisle, etc.)
  • Dressing pup and keeping them spiffy the day of.
  • Keep Fido occupied between service and photos with a walk or play time.
  • We will ensure your pooch is in the right places and at the right times.
  • Prevent them comfortable & well behaved within the venue and around the guests.
  • Provide water breaks and meals for your pooch during the day.
  • Pre & post wedding walks.
  • Includes attendants travel up to 75km (See below for additional travel fees)
  • 10% off Pet Sitting Services (Honeymoon Only)

3 Hour Wedding Service Total – $195.00

To further enhance your experience, we offer several upgrade you can add on to your wedding service in order to customize your package.

We offer a variety of options to fit any budget or event, including proposals, photos only sessions, rehearsals, weddings, vow renewals, and receptions.


  • Additional Time $70.00 per Hour
  • Pre-Wedding Grooming Appointment Transport $25 Each Way
  • Chauffering for Fido to/from Rehearsal, to/from Wedding Venue, to/from Reception 50km limit $25 Each Way
  • Additional Pet Chauffeur Kilometers $1.50 per Kilometer
  • Additional Attendant Travel Fees Beyond 75km $1.00 per Kilometer
  • Additional Pet Under 40lbs $30 per Pet
  • Additional Pet Over 40lbs $45 per Pet
  • Additional Pet Handler $65 per Handler