Benefits of our professional Cat Care services:

  • Your kitty remains in their own familiar environment reducing or completely eliminating separation anxiety, Travel trauma for both owner and pet is eliminated.
  • Cats can maintain their regular schedule and habits  (favourite napping spots, etc.)
  • No need to rely on friends/family/neighbors to be available the same day as your travel plans.
  • In-home professional pet care provides added peace of mind
  • Prevent exposure to illness, parasites & stressful environments.
  • Your kitty will receive constant love and attention during all visits.
  • Daily Memo left at the last visit of each day.

Cat Care: visit include lots of cuddles and playtime, a head to tail check, treats , fresh water, litter box maintenance – sifting, cleaning, replacing liner/filter, sweep, feeding and medication (if required) house check included with visit.

Rate Per Visit
Each Additional Cat
30 Minute Cat Care Visit
45 Minute Cat Care Visit
60 Minute Cat Care Visit

Please note, surcharges may apply for some services if they are booked on holidays, late at night, very early in the morning, or if you are located outside of our Main Service Area.  We will always work with you to find an option that works for your budget so you and your pets can experience the best care possible.  Contact Us for more information and to book your complimentary Meet and Greet .